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No, Bangladesh Army is not the largest army in the world

A video claiming that Bangladesh Army is the largest defence force in the world is going viral on the social media platform TikTok. The video, posted by the handle @bangladesharmy86 has received around 331.4 thousand likes and has been shared over two and half thousand’s times. 

The screenshot is taken from Tiktok

Fact Check/ Verification

In order to verify the claim, Newschecker conducted a Google search on the key-words “largest army in the world” and found a report by the international research institute Global Fire Power (GFP), which revealed that Bangladesh ranks first in terms of the paramilitary forces across the world. 

The Paramilitary force in Bangladesh is known as Bangladesh Ansar, responsible for preserving internal security. Paramilitary strength is one of the parameters used in the final Global Firepower Rankings to further refine a country’s overall military strength.

Screenshot from the Global Fire Power (GFP) Website

The Power Index uses more than 50 independent indicators to determine a country’s score, including existing military to paramilitary power and financial to logistical capabilities.

According to the data of the research organisation, the position of Bangladesh in military power in 2022 is 46.  The ‘2022: Military Strength Ranking’ was published in February 2022 by analysing the military power of 142 countries of the world.

In this ranking, the United States leads the military power, followed by Russia in second place, China in third place, India in fourth place, and Japan in fifth place.

On the other hand, according to data from a peer-reviewed journal World Population Review, China has the highest number of active military personnel.

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Screenshot from the World Population Review
Screenshot from the World Population Review


The claim that Bangladesh Army is the largest armed force is false.

Result: False

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