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Fact check:  Viral Post  Claiming The Presence Of  Turkish Military  In Palestine is False 

Claim: Turkish military in  Palestine.
Fact: The video refers back to the deployment of the Turkish military in the earthquake-hit areas of Turkey in February( which year).

Recently, a video has been circulated on social media, claiming that a TikTok video features a Turkish flag on a truck and suggests the presence of armed force in the context of the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. The video has led to allegations that the Turkish military has arrived in Palestine. Please watch the video here.

Screenshot taken from TikTok/@aysegulasikbegum

Newschecker-Bangladesh has verified this claim as false.

Fact check/ Verification

We conducted a reverse image search on the keyframes and that led to a video posted on a Facebook page.

he  Facebook page named “Sarı Saçlım Mavi Gözlüm” posted the viral video along with a caption that reads, “We are a country whose army is a nation.” Reviewing the content on this Facebook page can provide further insights and context about the video in question.

The fact that a similar report with the title “This is how they carried the soldiers to the earthquake zone” was published in the Turkish news outlet Yeniçağ on the same day provides additional evidence to verify the authenticity of the video. It is likely that the video in question is related to the transportation of soldiers to an earthquake-affected area in Turkey rather than being related to any military deployment in Palestine.

Screenshot taken from Yeniçağ website

It is indeed clear that the video in question depicts the transportation of Turkish military personnel to the earthquake-affected area in Turkey that occurred in February, ( which year). This additional context supports the fact that the video has no direct connection to Turkish military involvement in Palestine but is related to a domestic disaster response effort. 

Turkey supports Palestinians, backs a two-state solution to the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and hosts members of militant group Hamas. It has offered to mediate and has sent humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip which is stuck in Egypt because borders are closed. Reuters


The video does not depict any Turkish military presence in Palestine and an army deployment in earthquake-hit areas in Turkey.

Result: False

Our Sources
Video published on Sarı Saçlım Mavi Gözlüm Facebook Page on 13 February 2023
report published on Yeniçağ on 13 February 2023

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