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Fact check: Al-Hutaib Receives Rainfall

Claim- It never rains in Al-Hutaib, a village in Yemen.
Fact- The claim is false. According to many weather websites, it does rain in Al-Hutaib, Yemen.

 The claim ‘Al-Hutaib is a village where it never rains’ has been circulating on almost every social media platform, including many websites, news channels, and dailies from various territories, particularly in India. 

You can see the posts here- TikTok, Facebook, Twitter , dailyhunt, Al-Arabia & Anandabajar. One of the images is below:  

See the links to these screenshots: Here & Here.

Newschecker-Bangladesh has verified this claim and found this to be false.

Fact check/Verification

With the help of Google reverse image & keyword searches, Newshecker-Bangladesh found the village’s location was in Yemen. But through our further investigation, we found the other claim to be false.

Does it rain at Al-Hutaib?

While verifying, we ran through as many reliable weather websites as possible. There we found a lot of data and information regarding the fact. According to, Al-Hutayb receives an average rainfall each year. Here are a few illustrations of the data you can see below:

The graphs illustrate that al-hutayb receives an average rainfall every year, where August is the wettest month with 111 mm of rainfall, and October and December are the driest months with a rainfall of 5mm.

You can see the weather forecast for al-hutayb in AccuWeather, too, here. 

This viral video was shared on social media as a village from Arunachal Pradesh in India, later fact-checked by another firm, Factly.  They refuted the claim and labelled it as a piece of fake news. You can see it here.


Therefore the viral post claiming it never rains in Al-Hutaib is false. 

Result: False

Our Sources:

Our Sources:
Factly Video,


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