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No, Neymar was not holding Bangladesh’s flag

Recently, a social media post of Brazilian footballer Neymar holding Bangladesh’s flag went viral on Facebook. The post claims that this is shocking to see Bangladesh’s flag in Neymar’s hand, and quoted, “It’s surprising to see Bangladesh’s flag in Neymar’s hand. No one has seen such a picture after scoring a goal.”

See some such posts here, here, and here.

Newschecker has verified the claim is false.

Fact Check/ Verification

With a reverse image search, we found the original image titled “Brazil v/s Mexico during the FIFA’s Confederations Cup Brazil 2013” ​​on a website called

Football-related news website Bleacher Report published the photo of Neymar titled “Mexico vs. The report titled Brazil 2013: Neymar Puts on Stunning Show in 2-0 Win” where the photo is found to be taken from a different angle. 


In the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup, Neymar celebrated after scoring a goal against Mexico. This celebration pic has been edited and circulated on Facebook adding a Bangladeshi flag in Neymar’s hand.

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A photo of Neymar’s goal celebration in 2013 was taken from the internet and edited with the help of digital technology and the Bangladesh flag was placed in his hand. 

Result: False

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