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Fact check: Bangladesh Jamiyat -e Ahle Al Hadith Denies Link to Viral Notice Offering Money To Shibir Workers for Hindu  Conversions 

Claim- Bangladesh Ahl Al Hadith gives rewards to the Shibir workers for converting Hindus into Muslims.
Fact- The viral notice that holds the announcement is edited. 

A notice circulating on social media platforms in Bangladesh has raised concerns. The notice, attributed to the Jamiyat-e Ahle-Al Hadith, reportedly offers financial incentives for conversions from Hinduism to Islam.

The notice allegedly expresses gratitude to workers affiliated with the Chatro Shibir for their efforts in promoting Islam. It further details the introduction of new reward structures for these workers. See the posts here, here, here & here.

Screenshots of the viral posts are below:

ss of the viral post
fake notice copy
fake notice copy

Newschecker-Bangladesh has verified this claim as false. 

Fact check/Verification

After analyzing Google keyword searches, it was discovered that the viral notice purportedly issued by the Bangladesh Jamiyat-e Ahl-Al Hadith is a fabricated and edited document.

The letterhead displays an announcement offering monetary incentives to Shibir workers who participate in their mission of converting Hindus to Muslims. In the viral notice, they stated that each Shibir worker would receive specific rewards for each successful conversion.

  • for a Brahman girl- tk 300000
  • Indian Bengali girl- tk 200000
  • Namshud- tk 50000
  • An entire family- to 500000

Through our continued investigations, we discovered striking similarities between the viral notice and an official statement published by Bangladesh Jamiyat e Ahl-Al Hadith on their website. Notably, the dates, reference numbers, and all other details of the viral letterhead match precisely with the original notice. Furthermore, the reference numbers provide strong evidence that the viral notice has been edited.

Upon close examination, every aspect of the counterfeit copy aligns with the genuine version, except for the primary content of the letter. The authentic notice pertained to a new initiative undertaken by the organization, titled “Quran Teaching for Everyone.” As part of this project, Quran teaching programs would be organized in mosques at the district level, the notice said. While conducting our investigation, we contacted the office secretary of Bangladesh Jamiyat e Ahl-Al Hadith, Shayekh Rabiul Islam, who confirmed that the viral notice was a fabrication. They have never published any notice on this matter.

And later they officially gave a statement clearing the air about the viral fake and politically sensitive notice.  


The thorough investigations reveal that the viral statement of Ahl-Al Hadith Bangladesh offering rewards to Shibir workers in the conversion of Hindus into  Muslims is a hoax. The Bangladesh Jamiyat Ahl Al Hadith confirmed the fact through an official statement. 

Result: Altered Photo

Our Sources
Original Notice
Official  statement
Newshcecker’s Own Analysis

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