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Fact check: Fake Viral Post Claims Tanzim Sakib Banned For Lifetime From ICC For “Misogynistic” Remarks? 

Claim– Tanzim Sakib banned from ICC for a lifetime for his “misogynistic” remarks
Fact- ICC has not made any such decision and he is playing the ongoing bilateral series between Bangladesh and New Zealand. 

 Tanzim Sakib, Bangladesh national cricket team’s pacer has become the talk of the town after his debut in Asia Cup 2023 against India. Since then,  a few of his old controversial posts on Facebook have resurfaced on social media. Some people have found these posts quite offensive in nature. Now a claim has been going viral on social media (Tik Tok) saying, ‘Tanzim Sakib has been banned from ICC for a lifetime.’ Here is a screenshot of the viral post

Screenshot of the viral post
courtesy:Tik Tok/User

Newschecker-Bangladesh has verified this claim and found it to be false.

Fact check/Verification

A Google keyword search revealed that the ICC has not announced any ban on Tanzim Sakib for his old Facebook posts. However, we have found that the recent controversy surrounding Tanzim Sakib has prompted the BCB to take action. Tanzim Sakib has officially apologized to the BCB for his old Facebook posts, which went viral. The report can be found here Prothom Alo.

Tanzim Sakib, a new member of the national cricket team, made his debut in the 2023 Asia Cup match against India. He took two crucial wickets and scored 14 runs, which helped his team win. After his outstanding debut, he gained a lot of attention from cricket fans and netizens. However, some of his Facebook posts, which contained “misogynistic” comments, went viral, eliciting a variety of reactions from internet users, which can be here & here.

screenshots of the account that shared the old posts of Tanzim
courtesy: Facebook/User

Later while the controversy had gone beyond control, BCB came forward and took action to calm down the situation. BCB operations head Md. Jalal Yunus told the media that Tanzim Sakib has apologized for his old Facebook posts that have gone viral. And he would refrain himself from further posting such thoughts. 

Screenshot of the Prothom Alo report that shows Tanzim apologized for his previous actions
courtesy: Prothom Alo/Internet

We have also searched through the ICC Media Release and BCB Media Release and found no such news or press release. Again Tanzim’s being on the ongoing bilateral ODI series between Bangladesh and New Zealand makes it evident that the cricketer is not banned.


Therefore, it becomes evident that ICC has not banned Tanzim Sakib for a lifetime over the issue of his old controversial Facebook posts.

Result: False

Our Sources: 
ICC Media Release and BCB Media ReleaseProthom Alo

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