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Image Of Placard From Students Protest Edited And Shared With False Claim

An image showing a student’s protest, where a banner reads “Unlicensed government, Bangla exemption at the moment” has gone viral on social media websites.

View archive version of some viral facebook post here, here, here

We found several posts shared by users on the social networking site Facebook. One such post, shared by user ‘Aikyera Andolana’ has over 1.2k reactions and 54 shares. 

Fact Check / Verification

In order to check the veracity of the image, Newschecker conducted a reverse image search and found the original image of the students holding banners in a report published in the online edition of bdnews24.com on December 5. The report was titled “Bus owners accept 50% student discount in all metropolitan areas”. 

Screenshot from bdnews24.com

The photo showing a banner in the hands of the student reads “Half pass is not charity, it’s our rights” and below is a watermark of bdnews24.com.

Edited banner (left) and original banner (right)

The same image was also found on a report published in the online edition of The Financial Express on December 5.

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Thus we find that the original text in the banner was edited and replaced with the text “Unlicensed government, Bangla exemption at the moment” and is viral on Facebook.


An edited image of a placard at a student’s movement demanding implementation of 50% discount in bus fare for students across metropolitan areas has gone viral on Facebook with a false claim.

Result – Fabricated image/False content  

Our Sources:

Bdnews24: https://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2021/12/05/bus-owners-accept-50-student-discount-in-all-metropolitan-areas

The Financial Express: https://thefinancialexpress.com.bd/national/bus-owners-accept-50pc-student-discount-in-all-metropolitan-areas-1638692581

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