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Fact check: Khaleda Zia Did  Not Give Any Anti-India Interview to Daily Ittefaq, Recently

Claim: Khaleda Zia Allegedly Made Anti-India Statements to Daily Ittefaq 
Fact: Daily Ittefaq Has Not Published Any Such Interview

A recent viral image on the social media Platform Tiktok purports to show a front-page headline from the Daily Ittefaq that reads, “To see the flag of Bangladesh in West Bengal, Strengthen the hands of separatist organizations like ‘Banglapokkho’ “. However, the image has been doctored and the headline does not appear in any genuine editions of the newspaper. See HereHere, and Here. View Screenshots of the Posts Here-

screenshot of the viral post
courtesy: Facebook/User

Newschecker-Bangladesh has verified the claim as false. 

Fact Check/ Verification 

Upon conducting a Google keyword search, we did not find any information or news about this topic in any newspaper, including the Daily Ittefaq. We also did not find any such news on any of the Daily Ittefaq’s social media accounts. Daily Ittefaq Online, Daily Ittefaq Facebook, Daily Ittefaq YouTube, BanglaPakhkha.Paying attention to the viral image, it can be seen that the date of publication is July 23, 2023. We did not find any such news by observing the July 23, 2023 edition of the Daily Ittefaq.

Furthermore, we contacted Sharafat Hossain, the digital head of the Daily Ittefaq, and asked about this. He said that no news of this kind has been published in any edition of the Daily Ittefaq.

screenshot of the Ittefaq front page 23 July, 2023 edition
courtesy: Ittefaq e-paper/Internet

Front page of Daily Ittefaq published on 23rd July, 2023.

Font style of the ittefaq that is different from the viral template
courtesy: Ittefaq/ internet
font style of the viral ittefaq (fake) template that does not match the font style of the original
courtesy: Facebook/User

BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia has been battling health issues for some time now. There have been no recent political statements or updates about her in the newspapers. On August 9, she was admitted to Evercare Hospital due to her deteriorating health conditions.  She has been under medical supervision there ever since. On September 18, she was transferred to the CCU (Critical Care Unit).  For more information, please see the Prothom Alo report.


Hence, the claim of Begum Khaleda Zia supporting Banglapokkho is false and baseless. 

Result: False

Our Sources: 
Daily Ittefaq Online, Daily Ittefaq Facebook, Daily Ittefaq Youtube, Banglapokkho
 July 23, 2023 version of Daily IttefaqProthom Alo.

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