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Fact Check: Viral Claim Of Fire At Burj Khalifa is False


A few images of the Burj Khalifa have gone viral on the internet saying that there had been a fire in the Burj Khalifa

See the viral posts here, here and here


To determine the accuracy of rumours regarding a fire incident at the Burj Khalifa, keyword searches of recent news sources based in Dubai or internationally cannot provide conclusive evidence.

Additionally, search results reveal that in 2022, attention was drawn to an incident involving a fire at a building near the Burj Khalifa. See here.

Additionally, a reputable Indian news outlet, India Today, conducted a fact-check on April 5th, which revealed that recent reports claiming a fire incident at the Burj Khalifa are entirely fabricated. The visuals allegedly showing the fire were generated using artificial intelligence (AI).

Therefore the viral images of the fire incident in Burj Khalifa are AI-made. 

Result: False

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