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Fact Check: Viral Image Incorrectly Linked to MP Anwarul Azim’s Death

Claim: Viral image shows   MP Anarul’s body
Fact: MP Anwarul Azim’s body has not yet been recovered. The investigation is ongoing.

An image of a shrouded body has gone viral on social media platforms, triggering speculation that it depicts the recently deceased MP Anwarul Azim. The image has been shared widely across multiple social media platforms, including here, here, herehere

ss of the viral post taken from FB
ss of the viral post taken from FB
SS of the viral image was taken from FB
The image depicts the fake dead body of MP Anar
courtesy: FB/User

Newschecker-Bangladesh has found this claim to be false. 

Fact check/Verification

We found a Facebook post with a viral image during the Google Reverse Image Search. It was posted by another person under a different alias on May 22. You can view the post here: Zaved Iqbal Zordan.

The image’s caption was uploaded on May 21, 2024, and reads, “My elder sister’s only son Asif Parvez passed away around 9:30 on May 21 due to a stroke, Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. He was 33 years old at the time of his death, from Jhenaidah, Hamdah Khandakar Para.”

After a week of the disappearance, Kolkata Police revealed the murder of Member of Parliament (MP) Anwarul Azim in New Town, Kolkata. The MP from the Jhinaidah-4 constituency was found murdered in his luxurious residential complex ‘Sanjiv Garden.’ However, the search for his body is ongoing and no remains have been recovered yet. See reports here- Bangla Tribune.

Akhilesh Kumar Chaturvedi, CID, IG of Kolkata’s investigation department, has found important information regarding the murder. The Kolkata Tribune reported that the police have not provided any specific details about the recovery of the body. See a report here- The Hindu.

Furthermore, Minister of State for Home Affairs, Asaduzzaman Khan, informed journalists at a press conference that the body of MP Anwarul has not been recovered. See the report here

At an event on Wednesday afternoon, Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud confirmed that no remains of MP Anwarul Azim Anarul have been found, as assured by the Bangladesh High Commission in Kolkata.

Collaborative efforts are underway to uncover the mystery of the murder, with the involvement of police and intelligence agencies from both Bangladesh and India. Two Indian intelligence agents have already arrived in Bangladesh to assist in the investigation.


Therefore, the viral posts and images claiming the recovery of the body of MP Anwarul Azim Anarul are false.

Result: False

Our Sources:
Newschecker’s Own Analysis.

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