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Fact check:  Viral Claim About Chechniya’s UN Vote Against Palestine Is Unfounded

Claim: Chechniya did not vote in favor of granting full membership to Palestine in the United Nations.
Fact: Chechniya is not a member of the United Nations. The claim that it voted against Palestine is false.

Recently, a claim has spread on social media platforms stating that “Chechnya did not vote in favor of granting full membership to Palestine.” Posts mention that a vote is conducted among the 193 member states of the United Nations to grant full membership to a country. While 143 countries voted in favor of Palestine, Chechnya voted against it. See the viral posts here, here & here.  

Fact check/Verification

The veracity of these claims can be confirmed by searching on Google. On May 10th, a vote was held at the United Nations General Assembly to determine whether Palestine would be granted full membership. Of the 193 member states present, 143 voted in favor of granting Palestine full membership. Twenty-five countries abstained, while nine countries voted against. The countries that voted against were Argentina, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea, and the United States. Further information on this matter can be found in various international reports available online. See reports on this topic-The National News, Al-Jazeera, BBC

Several reports have singled out the Czech Republic from the nine countries that opposed a particular resolution. However, some local media and online news sources have replaced the name “Czech Republic” with Chechnya. Further investigation reveals that Chechnya is not a member state of the United Nations, so they did not participate in the vote.

Moreover, Chechniya is not an independent sovereign state. Essentially, it is a republic under Russian control. While it has its language and a level of autonomy, no country recognizes Chechniya as a sovereign and independent state. Although Chechnya declared independence from Russia in 1991, it remains under Russian control.


As Chechnya is not a member state of the United Nations, it can’t vote in favour of Palestine in the General Assembly. Therefore, the claim that Chechnya voted against Palestine is false.

Result: False

Our Sources:
member state of the United Nations 
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