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Fact Check: No Communal Angle Found in Sirajganj Triple Murder Case

Claim: Three individuals from a Hindu family in Bangladesh were allegedly murdered by Islamists in their residence.
Fact: Rajib Bhowmik, the perpetrator, acted independently in the tragic event.

On January 30th, in Sirajganj, Bangladesh, the police discovered a murder case where a couple and their daughter were found dead in their residence. The deceased individuals were identified as Vikash Sarkar (46), his wife Swarna Rani Sarkar (42), and their daughter Paramita Sarkar Tushi (15). Subsequently, some social media platforms in both India and Bangladesh have claimed that this homicide is a result of communal conflict. Find some related posts here, here, and here


To gather detailed information on the subject, we initiate a keyword search. On January 30th, a report titled “সিরাজগঞ্জে সন্তানসহ দম্পতি খুনের ঘটনায় মামলা” was published by the national daily Bdnews24.

The report discloses that Sukomal Saha, the elder brother of the deceased, Swarna Rani Sarkar, filed a complaint against unidentified assailants on January 30th at Thadash Police Station. The case suggests that the murder stemmed from prior hostility.

Furthermore, on January 31st, The Daily Star published an article titled ““ঋণ শোধ করতে না পেরে মামা-মামি-মামাতো বোনকে হত্যা করেন ভাগ্নে.” Based on the article, the police have apprehended Rajib Bhowmik for his alleged involvement in the murder of Vikash Sarkar’s daughter, Paramita Sarkar Tushi, resulting from financial disputes.

According to the report, Sirajganj Police Superintendent (SP) Arifur Rahman stated that Rajib has confessed to the police that, due to being unable to repay the debt taken from his maternal uncle, he planned and executed the murder of his uncle, aunt, and their daughter.

Furthermore, Officer-in-Charge (OC) Mo. Nazrul Islam of Thadash Police Station informed The Daily Star that Rajib borrowed around 20 lakh Taka from his maternal uncle Vikash for a business. Despite the passage of a considerable time, Rajib failed to repay the money, leading to pressure from his uncle Vikash. Rajib also complained about this pressure to Vikash’s sister (Vikash’s sister, who is also Rajib’s aunt), and even to his mother. However, his mother dismissed his complaints. Frustrated and seeking release from the debt, according to the plan, Rajib went to Vikash’s house on Saturday night and murdered three individuals before locking the house.

 Rajib made phone calls to various relatives and acquaintances in search of his uncle. He even called Vikash on the deceased’s mobile phone.

Similar information is found in a report published by another national daily, Prothom Alo.

Therefore, this is not an incident related to any communal conflict or similar form of violence.


In Tarash, Sirajganj, Rajib Bhowmik has confessed to brutally committing a homicide against his maternal uncle and his entire family. However, some users on social media platforms in India and Bangladesh are spreading claims that falsely portray the incident involving the Hindu family as a result of communal violence.

Result: False

Our Sources
BD News 24
The Daily Star
Prothom Alo 

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