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Fact check: The viral audio  Clip is not the last audio from Submersible Titan

Claim- “The last audio from the submersible Titan.”
Fact- The viral audio isn’t the audio from Titan, it’s fan-made music from a video game.

Last June, a devastating incident occurred involving the tourist submersible Titan, owned by the Oceangate Expedition Company, which resulted in an explosion in the Atlantic Ocean while the vessel was on its voyage. Subsequently, an audio-video clip purportedly originating from the ill-fated Submersible Titan recently gained widespread attention on the social media platform TikTok under the title “Last Audio from Submersible Titan.” The corresponding links are here, here, here, here, here and a screenshot of the post is provided below:

screenshot of the viral post with the claim last audio from the sub-titan recorded
courtesy: Tik Tok/ User

Newschecker-Bangladesh verified that the claim is false.

Fact check/ Verification:  

Tracking down the words, ‘Michale, don’t leave me here’ from the viral audio clip we ran a Google keyword search with similar words. We discovered that it was not the last audio of the missing sunmersible Titan. Instead, it is a compilation of various audio clips labeled as ‘Finale,’ available on the YouTube channel ‘@SquimpusMcGrimpus,’ uploaded two years ago today. The audio gaining popularity, known as ‘Michael Don’t Leave Me Here,’ constitutes a 2-minute and 41-second segment from the aforementioned audio series on YouTube.

screenshot of the youtube channel of the original source of the viral audio
courtesy: Youtube/Squimpus Mcgrimpus

Based on our Google keyword search, it can be deduced that the viral  audio corresponds to a fan-made audio from a horror game named ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s.’ You can find it here. Find details about this game here:

Earlier on the 18th of June, a submersible named Titan was lost in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. The submersible Titan was particularly employed for tours in the vicinity of the remains of the Titanic wreckage. The operations of the Oceangate Expedition Company were overseeing this submersible. On the 22nd of June, the U.S. Coast  Guard declared the submersible Titan, along with its five passengers, missing due to a probable ‘catastrophic implosion. ‘


The audio that has gone viral does not constitute the most recent recording from the Titan submersible; rather, it is a fan-made audio series associated with a video game called ‘Five Night at Freddy’s’.

Result: False

Our Sources: 
Finale– the main source of the viral audio– related video game
U.S. Coast  Guard 


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