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Fact check: Did The Indian Navy Rescue  MV Abdullah? Here’s The Truth Behind The Viral Claim

Claim– The Indian Navy rescued the Bangladeshi ship MV Abdullah from Somali pirates.
Fact– The rescued ship was not the Bangladeshi MV Abdullah, but the Maltese-flagged MV Ruen, which was rescued by the Indian Navy on March 16.

MV Abdullah was hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean last Tuesday on her way from Mozambique to the United Arab Emirates with 55,000 tons of coal as cargo. . The Somali pirates reportedly took control of the ship and held all 23 crew members hostage. Following this incident, several social media users claim that the Indian Navy has rescued the Bangladeshi vessel MV Abdullah.   Some of the viral content circulated on Tiktok can be seen here and here.

ss of the viral post
courtesy: tiktok/user

Newschecker-Bangladesh has verified the viral claim and found it to be false.

Fact check/ Verification

With the help of keyword searches we found a report titled “40-hour Rescue Operation, Captured Pirates, MV ‘Ruyan’ Rescued” was found published on bdnews24.

ss taken from

According to the report, the Indian Navy successfully concluded a 40-hour rescue operation to free the cargo ship MV Ruyan, which was hijacked by pirates three months ago off the coast of Somalia. They also rescued the crew members after detaining the pirates in the Arabian Sea.

India Navy posted details about this operation on X on March 16.

On March 15 the Indian Navy posted some details about their observation of the Bangladeshi ship MV Abdullah on X.

The Indian Navy post on X confirmed that even after several attempts were made to establish communication with the crew of the hijacked ship, no response was received from the MV Abdullah. This same information can also be found on the Maritime Traffic Monitoring website

It’s noteworthy that while the European Maritime Force and the Indian Navy sought permission to commence a military rescue operation for the crew members of MV Abdullah, the Bangladesh government asked them not to intervene. 


The claim circulating on social media platforms regarding the rescue of MV Abdullah being carried out by the Indian Navy is false.

Result: False

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