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Fact check: Google Is Not Banned In Israel

Claim- Google has been banned in Israel
Fact- The claim is false and Google has signed a new project with Israel recently

‘Google has been banned in Israel’ a post on TikTok is circulating on TikTok with an image of Sundar Pichai. The post further describes that Google’s founder has stopped its availability in Israel. See the post here

ss of the viral tiktok post

Newschecker-Bangladesh has verified the claim and found it to be false. 

Fact check/ Verification

The assertion that Google and Google services are being terminated in Israel cannot be validated through keyword searches in reputable sources or international news outlets. There is no information to suggest that Google or any of its services are being shut down in Israel.

Google’s active presence in Israel is evident on its official Israeli website

Google has a significant presence in Israel. In 2021, Google and Amazon collaborated on a $1.2 billion project known as “Project Nimbus” with the Israeli government. Through this initiative, Google and Amazon will offer cloud computing services to the Israeli government and military.

However, concerns about Google’s engagement in Project Nimbus sparked protests among Google employees. As a result, Google has reportedly terminated the employment of 50 workers up to this point. These layoffs reflect Google’s internal debate over its involvement in projects with ethical or political implications.

Notably, during the time this article was published at Google’s office in Tel Aviv, there were 38 job postings active. See here (archive). This proves that Google’s office in Israel is operational.


Therefore, The news circulating claiming Google’s shutdown in Israel is a rumour. The projects and Israel’s official Google website make it evident.

Result: False

Our Sources: 
Al Jazeera, CNN , Google Career
Israeli website.

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