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Fact check: Footage From An Art Exhibition Goes Viral As ‘Martyred Bodies Of Palestinian Children’

Claim-Deadbodies of the Palestinian children martyred in the Israeli invasion
FactThe footage is from an art exhibition held in Tehran, Iran 

A viral  video, on TikTok, purportedly shows several bodies of children, wrapped in shrouds, placed in the courtyard of a mosque. To gain further insights, view the videos here and here.

screenshot grabbed from the viral video
courtesy: TikTok/user

Fact-checking conducted by Newschecker-Bangladesh reveals that the claim in the video is false.


To verify the authenticity of the video, we conducted a reverse image search on the key frames of the viral videos. A video titled “The Symphony of the Killed work of art was performed on November 13th, at Palestine Square in Tehran” was identified on a YouTube channel named 1 Mag, published on November 14th.

Taking this as a clue further investigation, led to an official report by Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) published on November 14th with the headline “‘Symphony of the Killed’ in Tehran’s Felestin Square.”

Screenshot taken from Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) Website

The report reveals that on November 13th, in Tehran’s Palestine Square, an art performance named ‘Symphony of the Killed’ was held to commemorate the children killed in the Israeli attack on Gaza. The performance depicted scenes from that tragic incident.


The viral video circulating on TikTok is not a real-life scene. It is footage from an art performance titled “Symphony of the Killed,” which was held in Tehran’s Palestine Square on November 13th to commemorate the children killed in an Israeli attack on Gaza. The video falsely claims to show the bodies of martyred Palestinian children.

Result: False

Our Sources

A video published on YouTube on 14 November 2023
A report published by Islamic Republic News Agency on 14 November 2023  

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