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Fact check: Fake News Claims Muslim Countries Attacking Israel After Jenin Incident

claim-Attacks on Israel by Muslim countries (especially Pakistan).

Fact- There has been no recent attack on Israel from any Muslim country. 

After the recent Israeli attack on Jenin numerous posts on  TikTok have gone viral, spreading claims such as “Pakistan is attacking Israel” or “Muslim countries are united and launching attacks on Israel.” For reference, please find the links to these posts on TikTok, TikTok ,TikTok, TikTok & TikTok. See the screenshots below:

screenshot of the viral post
courtesy: Tik Tok/User
screenshot of the viral post
courtesy: Tik Tok/User

Newschecker-Bangladesh has found this claim to be false.

Fact check/ Verification

After conducting a thorough Google keyword search, no news or credible information regarding Pakistan’s alleged attack on Israel was found in domestic or international media. It is important to note that Israel does not have diplomatic relations with the majority of Muslim countries, including Pakistan. In recent decades, there have been no recorded incidents of external attacks on Israel, particularly from Pakistan. Furthermore, Pakistan has not recognized Israel as a state and maintains no diplomatic relations with it. For further insight into the relationship between these two states, one can read relevant articles here- INSS, ModernDiplomacy.  

The viral TikTok videos contain unrelated scenes from the 2018 film  Operation Red Sea. It is crucial to emphasize that there is no credible evidence from mainstream media in support of the viral claim.

However, it is important to acknowledge that there has been ongoing violence between Israel and Palestinians, including incidents such as the attacks in Jenin, located in the West Bank. According to a report by the BBC, the events in Jenin have been described as one of the largest attacks on Palestinians in recent years. The Israeli authorities state that their operations in the area are aimed at targeting terrorist hideouts.

screenshot of the report about the latest attack on the west bank of Jenin
courtesy: Internet/ BBC Bangla


Reports of attacks on Israel by various Muslim countries are baseless rumors.

Result: False

Our Sources: 
BBC report, INSS, ModernDiplomacy, Operation Red Sea.


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