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Fact check: Biden did not ignore Rishi Sunak at the Belfast Airport

Claim- Biden could not recognize Rishi Sunak and ignored him  at the Belfast airport
Fact- Rishi Sunak personally greeted Biden on his arrival at the airport and shook hands.

A video has gone viral claiming that, ‘Biden did not recognize Rishi Sunak and so ignored him’ on social media platforms and news portals. See the posts here- Jagonews24, Tik Tok. Facebook.

Newschecker-Bangladesh has verified this claim as false. 

Fact check/Verification

With the help of a Google Keyword search, Newschecker-Bangladesh has found the authentic video that ascertains the usual greetings taking place between these two leaders. See the video here- The Telegraph, The Sun.

Here in the screenshot, you can notice Joe Biden shaking hands with the UK prime minister Rishi Sunak. 

In the video, uploaded by The Telegraph, between the duration of  00:17 to 00:21 seconds one can see them greeting each other and shaking hands.

 Joe Biden visited Northern Ireland On April 11, 2023, to mark the 25th anniversary of the historic ‘Good Friday Agreement. On his arrival at the Belfast Airport, Northern Ireland, he was greeted by the UK prime minister. See reports here- The Telegraph, SkyNewsThe Independent

But it seems Mr. President was more in a rush to salute King Charles III’s envoy in the region, Lord Lieutenant of County Antrim. Where it all started. 

Daily Mail wrote ‘Feeling special yet, Rishi? Awkward moment Joe Biden appears to push Sunak aside as he lands in Belfast – before giving a very warm welcome to female US diplomat.’ 

 Besides, an edited part of the main clip went viral that only displays that Biden is pushing Rishi aside to salute Lord Lieutenant of County Antrim. 

However, watching over the full video clip we can be sure of the fact that Rishi Sunak warmly welcomed Mr President to which he responded modestly at the Belfast Airport.


Biden did not rebuff Rishi Sunak at the Belfast Airport. 

Result: False

Our Sources:
The Telegraph, The Sun– Full Video clip 
The Telegraph, SkyNews, and The Independent– report on Biden’s visit to Northern Ireland. 
‘Good Friday Agreement– BBC
Daily Mail

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