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Fact check: BB Director Vishnupada Biswas Is Not An Indian Citizen 

Claim–  BB director, Vishnupad Biswas an Indian citizen
Fact-He is a  Bangladeshi citizen and his birthplace is in Jessore.

In recent times, on social media platforms such as Facebook and TikTok, allegations claiming that Vishnupada Biswas, the Chief of Bangladesh Bank, holds Indian citizenship have surfaced. Several posts containing his photograph along with such information have been circulating widely. See the viral posts here and here

ss of the viral post
courtesy: TikTok/User

Newschecker-Bangladesh has verified the claim and found this to be false.

Fact check/Verification

To verify the claim, keyword searches led us to  news reports published on September 1, 2019, by prominent Bangladeshi news organizations such as “Bangla News 24” and “Jago News 24.” According to these reports, it is well-known that Vishnu, the Governor of Bangladesh Bank, was born into a respected family in Raghobpur village of Bagharpara Upazila in Jessore district. He completed his secondary education with impressive results from Bondi Bila Bijoy Chandra Bondibila Bijoychandra Ray High School and passed his higher secondary examinations from Michael Madhusudan College in Jessore. Subsequently, he earned a bachelor’s degree with honors in economics from Rajshahi University.

Furthermore, a notice regarding the renewal of Vishnu’s passport related to his position as the Chief of Bangladesh Bank was found on the bank’s website, published on January 12, 2021. The notice mentions that Vishnu’s citizenship is stated as Bangladeshi by birth.

Screenshot taken from Bangladesh Bank website


On August 29, 2019, Vishnu’s promotion from Deputy Governor to Governor of Bangladesh Bank was met with controversy. However social media claims alleging that Vishnupada Biswas is an Indian citizen are found to be false.

Result: False

Our Sources: 
Jago News 24 
Bangla News 24 
Bangladesh Bank

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