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Fact Check: A viral Facebook Video Purporting To Show Shakib Promoting A Betting Website Is A Deepfake

Claim– Everyone has won – you can too! We have already given away 10,000,000 BDT to Bangladeshis
Fact-Primarily, a video of Shakib’s cash promotion has been created using deepfake technology for an ad on a betting site.

Recently, a video of Bangladeshi cricketer and MP Shakib Al Hasan has been promoted as an advertisement for a betting site on the social media platform Facebook. In the video Shakib-Al Hasan was seen promoting a betting site. The video caption reads they have already given 1 million BDT as prize money in BD through this betting site. 

Newschecker-Bangladesh has verified this claim to be false.

Fact check/Verification

To verify the authenticity of the claim, we conducted a reverse image search that revealed the fact a similar video is available on Shakib Al Hasan’s official Facebook page published on June 8, 2023, compared with the discussed advertisement. See the original video here.

The segment from 19 seconds to 39 seconds of the mentioned video aligns with the shared betting advertisement on social media. Furthermore, upon closer inspection of the advertisement, it is evident that the lip synchronization with Shakib Al Hasan’s mouth movements during speech is not accurate.

Therefore, the video has been created using deepfake technology, where artificial intelligence (AI) is used to replace the facial features and voice of one person with another’s.


The advertisement of the betting platform promoted by Shakib Al Hasan shared on social media has been created using deepfake technology.

Result: False

Our Sources

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